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Welcome to the Researcher Development Programme (RDP)
The Researcher Development Programme at the University of Ulster offers development opportunities for Research Staff, Doctoral Students and post doctoral researchers using a comprehensive new approach to enhancing the careers of researchers, known as the Researcher Development Framework (RDF). This new development has replaced the earlier “Joint Skills Statement”, here. The RDF was developed by and for researchers, in consultation with academic and non-academic employers.
New opportunities
In addition to face-to-face sessions (here), available on various campuses of the university, the Researcher Development Programme also offers a number of online "Epigeum " Courses which may be accessed remotely by any individual registered for doctoral studies at the University of Ulster.

It is also currenly piloting the "Doctoral Innovation Programme" out of which successful participants will recive an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) (level 5) award in Project Management. Participants also have the opportunity to complete requirements for the award of "Associate membership of the Higher Education Academy".

Doctoral Innovation Programme (DIP)

Doctoral Innovation Programme (DIP) The PGcertPD(Researchers) has now been discontinued. It has been replaced by the "Doctoral Innovation Programme" (DIP)currently running in a post-pilot iteration. The DIP provides an opportunity for research students wanting to develop their skills as reflected in the University of Ulster’s Researcher Development Framework in an articulated, award-bearing programme. Participants who successfully complete the required assessment will receive certification from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) of a unit in “Project Management” at Level 5. As mentioned above, doctoral students are in addition, able to work towards developing teaching, tutoring and demonstrating skills:

Teaching and Learning Development Opportunities for Post-graduate Tutors and Demonstrators

The following courses are organised by Staff Development to support post-graduate students in their part-time teaching roles:

Introduction to Teaching and Learning for Post-graduate Tutors and Demonstrators (a half-day session compulsory for all who teach in the University of Ulster)

For further information go to:

First Steps to Supporting Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (an accredited course leading to Associate Status of the Higher Education Academy) For further information go to: