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Adamson, G Professor Professor of Psychology
Anderson, WJ Mr Lecturer
Armour, C Dr Lecturer in Psychology
Bacon, K Mr Technical Services Co-ordinator
Bingham, AR Mrs Lecturer
Bones, R Dr Lecturer in Psychology - Human Psychology/Biological Psychology
Brick, N Mr Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology
Bunting, BP Professor Professor of Psychology
Cammock, T Mr Lecturer
Campbell, C Dr Lecturer in Social Psychology
Cassidy, A Dr Reader
Coyle, K Dr Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology
Cunningham, G Professor Lecturer in Child and Family Therapy
Dunwoody, L Dr Lecturer in Health Psychology
Ennis, E Dr Lecturer in Psychology
Furey, A Dr Lecturer in Psychology
Gallagher, S Dr Lecturer in Psychology (Applied Behaviour Analysis)
Giles, ML Professor Head of School of Psychology
Gorman, C Dr Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Harkin, F Mrs Clerical Assistant
Harrigan, A Mrs Clerical Assistant
Houston, J Dr Lecturer in Psychology - Mental Health
Keenan, M Professor Professor of Behaviour Analysis
Kim, E Dr Lecturer in Neurobiology
Kirby, K Dr Lecturer in Counselling Psychology
Leslie, JC Professor Professor of Psychology
Liddell, C Professor Professor of Psychology
Mallett, J Dr Senior Lecturer
Martin, RT Mr Technical Services Co-ordinator
McArthur, BA Miss Clerical Assistant
McAteer, D Dr Lecturer in Counselling Psychology
McBride, O Dr Lecturer in Psychology - Mental Health
McConville, C Dr Senior Lecturer
McDowell, C Dr Lecturer in Applied Behaviour Analysis
McKinney, A Dr Lecturer in Psychology
McLaughlin, W Mr Technical Services Co-ordinator
McLaughlin, N Mr Technical Services Co-ordinator
McLaughlin, M Dr Lecturer in Psychology
McLernon, FM Dr Lecturer in Psychology
McMullan, I Mrs Research Associate - Behaviour Change Interventions
Millar, RG Dr Lecturer in Guidance and Counselling
Millar, EB Mrs School Secretary
Murphy, SD Dr Lecturer in Psychology
Murphy, J Dr Reader
O'Neill, S Professor Professor of Mental Health Sciences
Rankin, A Mrs Research Assistant
Shaw, D Dr Lecturer in Psychology(Biological Psychology)
Shevlin, M Professor Professor of Psychology
Simms, V Dr Lecturer in Psychology
Simpson, E Dr Senior Lecturer
Smith, A Mrs Technician
Stringer, M Professor Director of the Psychology Research Institute
Tosh, G Mr Technician
Tracey, A Dr Lecturer in Counselling Psychology
Weinreich, Professor Emeritus Professor
Wilson, R Professor Professor of Psychology

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