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Ulster University
School of Psychology

Adamson, G Professor Professor of Psychology
Armour, C Dr Lecturer in Psychology
Bones, R Dr Lecturer in Psychology - Human Psychology/Biological Psychology
Brick, N Mr Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology
Bunting, BP Professor Professor of Psychology
Campbell, C Dr Lecturer in Social Psychology
Cassidy, AJ Professor Professor of Child and Family Health Psychology
Cole, C Mrs Research Associate
Cunningham, G Professor Lecturer in Child and Family Therapy
Dunwoody, L Dr Lecturer in Health Psychology
Ennis, E Dr Lecturer in Psychology
Furey, A Dr Lecturer in Psychology
Gallagher, SM Dr Lecturer in Psychology (Applied Behaviour Analysis)
Giles, ML Professor Head of School of Psychology
Gorman, C Dr Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Harkin, F Mrs Clerical Assistant
Houston, JE Dr Lecturer in Psychology - Mental Health
Keenan, M Professor Professor of Behaviour Analysis
Kim, E Dr Lecturer in Neurobiology
Kirby, K Dr Lecturer in Counselling Psychology
Leslie, JC Professor Professor of Psychology
Mallett, J Dr Senior Lecturer
McArthur, BA Miss Clerical Assistant
McAteer, DH Dr Lecturer in Counselling Psychology
McBride, O Dr Lecturer in Psychology - Mental Health
McConville, C Dr Senior Lecturer
McDowell, CE Dr Lecturer in Applied Behaviour Analysis
McKinney, A Dr Lecturer in Psychology
McLaughlin, N Mr Technical Services Co-ordinator
McLaughlin, WJ Mr Technical Services Co-ordinator
McLaughlin, M Dr Lecturer in Psychology
McLernon, FM Dr Lecturer in Psychology
Millar, EB Mrs School Secretary
Murphy, JA Dr Reader
O'Neill, SM Professor Professor of Mental Health Sciences
Shaw, DL Dr Lecturer in Psychology(Biological Psychology)
Shevlin, M Professor Professor of Psychology
Shorter, GW Dr Research Associate - Mental Health
Simms, V Dr Lecturer in Psychology
Simpson, EEA Dr Senior Lecturer
Stringer, M Professor Director of the Psychology Research Institute
Tosh, GA Mr Technician
Walker, EJ Dr Research Associate

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