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Bell, R Mrs Clerical Assistant
Black, N Professor Professor in Medical Informatics
Campbell, G Ms Faculty Support Assistant
Clugston, K Miss Academic Affairs Assistant
Cooke, M Mrs Faculty Support Assistant
Cowan, P Mr Clerical Assistant
Craig, R Miss Clerical Assistant
Crawford, S Mrs Faculty Support Assistant
Devine, PM Mr Head of Business Development (ISRC)
Dolan, E Ms Faculty Administrative Officer
Fowler, NA Mrs Administrative Co-ordinator
Fox, A Mrs Marketing & Business Development Officer
Fraser, J Ms Secretary
Gibson, HE Mrs Faculty Support Assistant
Hanna, J Mr Head of Faculty Computing & Engineering Services
Hickey, M Mrs Personal Assistant to Dean
Liggett, M Mrs Secretary
Marshall, PJ Ms Secretary
McKevitt, B Mrs Head of Faculty Administration
McLaughlin, E Miss Clerical Assistant
McMullan, A Ms Research Institute Secretary
McNally, A Mrs Secretary
McNeill, C Miss Placement Student
McWhirter, D Mrs Clerical Assistant
Millar, RJ Professor Dean of Computing and Engineering
Moore, SP Mrs Clerical Assistant
Nelson, HSM Mrs Faculty Support Assistant
Paris, MA Mrs Head of Partnership (Faculty of Computing and Engineering/QA Business School)
Plummer, B Mrs Secretary
Ravenhill, P Mrs Faculty Support Assistant
Sheehan, B Ms Academic Affairs Assistant
Stewart, M Mrs Secretary
Todd, L Mrs Secretary
Uhomoibhi, J Dr Lecturer and Faculty E-Learning Co-ordinator
Webber, B Mrs Faculty Administrative Assistant

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