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Adamson, K Dr Reader in Computer Science
Ayre, N Dr Senior Lecturer
Beggs, K Mr Technical Services Co-ordinator
Bi, Y Dr Reader in Computing Science
Blackburn, WT Mr Lecturer
Bond, R Dr Lecturer in Computing Science
Brady, G Miss Research Associate in Autonomic Computing
Browne, F Dr Lecturer
Campbell, J Mrs Clerical Assistant
Chen, S Dr Research Associate in Complex Network Simulations
Cleland, I Dr Research Associate
Corr, P Dr Teaching Fellow
Crozier, M Mr Technical Planning & Development Manager
Curran, EP Dr Lecturer in Computer Science
Davies, RJ Mr Lecturer in Computing Science
Donegan, HA Dr Reader Emeritus
Donnelly, MP Dr Senior Lecturer
Downey, S Mr Technical Services Engineer
Fraser, S Mr Teaching Fellow
Galway, L Dr Lecturer in Computer Science
Gavaghan, S Mr Technician
Glass, D Dr Lecturer
Graham, CW Mr Technical Services Engineer
Graham, K Mr KTP - FSCom Limited
Grigorash, AV Dr Lecturer
Haberland, V Dr Research Associate
Hagan, SJ Dr Senior Lecturer
Hanna, JRP Professor Head of School of Computing & Mathematics
Hawe, G Dr Lecturer
Herron, MG Dr Lecturer in Mathematics/Theoretical Computer Science
Johnston, AC Mrs Clerical Assistant
Khaoury, N Mr Clerical Assistant
Lightbody, G Dr Lecturer
Lin, Z Dr Lecturer in Computer Science
Liu, J Dr Senior Lecturer
Lyttle, SJ Mr Technical Services Engineer
McCartney, M Dr Senior Lecturer in Mathematics
McChesney, IR Dr Senior Lecturer
McCullagh, P Dr Reader
McFall, DJ Dr Lecturer in Computer Science
McKee, JI Mrs Clerical Assistant
McTear, M Professor Emeritus Professor
Moody, J Dr Teaching Fellow
Moore, GG Dr Lecturer
Mulholland, GE Dr Lecturer in Statistics
Mulvenna, MD Professor Professor of Computer Science
Nibouche, O Dr Lecturer
Nicholl, P Dr Senior Lecturer
Nugent, CD Professor Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Patterson, T Dr Research Associate
Skillen, K Miss Research Associate in Context Aware Mobile Health Systems
Sterritt, R Mr Lecturer in Informatics
Stewart, PM Mr Technical Services Engineer
Synnott, J Dr Research Associate - Computer Science
Taylor, I Dr Lecturer
Trombino, G Dr Teaching Fellow
Wallace, JG Professor Professor of Innovation
Wang, H Professor Professor of Computer Science
Wang, H Dr Senior Lecturer
Wilkie, FG Dr Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
Wu, S Dr Lecturer
Young, IR Mr Lecturer in Computer Science
Zhang, S Dr Lecturer in Computing Science
Zheng, H Dr Reader

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