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Boyd, K Miss School Support Assistant
Folli, R Dr Head of School of Communication
Gardiner, M Mrs Clerical Assistant
Hargie, ODW Professor Professor of Communication
Hendron, JA Dr Lecturer
Henry, AM Professor Professor of Linguistics
Irving, P Dr Associate Senior Lecturer
Irwin, A Dr Lecturer
Kane, F Miss Research Associate
Logan, J Mrs Clerical Assistant
Long, M Dr Lecturer
McCoy, M Dr Lecturer in Public Relations & Public Affairs
McGibbon, M Mr Lecturer in Counselling
McMahon, F Ms Lecturer in Communication and Advertising
Moorhead, A Dr Lecturer in Health and Interpersonal Communication
Morrison, FJ Dr Lecturer in Communication
Porter, K Mrs Lecturer in Communication
Purcell, A Mr Lecturer in Communication
Purchase, V Dr Lecturer
Rhys, CS Dr Senior Lecturer
Romoli, J Dr Lecturer
Sevdali, C Dr Lecturer
Simms, J Dr Associate Lecturer
Somerville, I Dr Senior Lecturer
Stapleton, K Dr Senior Lecturer

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