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Ulster University
School of Biomedical Sciences

Abdel-Wahab, YHA Dr Reader
Adams, C Mrs Research Institute Secretary
Alexander, HD Professor Professor of Stratified Medicine
Allsopp, PJ Dr Lecturer in Human Nutrition
Anderson, RS Professor Professor of Vision Science
Atkinson, S Dr Lecturer in Stratified Medicine (Vision)
Banat, I Professor Professor of Microbial Biotechnology
Bannon, CD Dr Technical Services Co-ordinator
Beirne, RO Dr Lecturer in Optometry
Bjourson, AJ Professor Professor of Genomics
Black, RB Mrs Technician - Transgenics
Bradley, C Miss Laboratory Assistant
Breslin, KMM Dr Lecturer in Optometry
Cobice, DF Mr Scientific Officer - Metabolomics & Proteomics
Cochrane, AJS Mr Lecturer in Optometry
Conway, C Dr Lecturer in Stratified Medicine (Oncology)
Coulter, DJM Mr Technical Services Officer
Curry, E Miss Technician (Human Intervention Studies Unit)
Cushnahan, G Mrs Clerical Assistant - E-Learning
Dalton, GJ Mr Technician
Deehan, AK Mrs Executive Assistant
Dennison, TN Mr Technician - NICHE
Devine, V Miss Research Associate in Bioinformatics (Stratified Medicine)
Devlin, SJ Dr Teaching Fellow
Dobbin, S Dr Technician (Metabolomics and Proteomics)
Dooley, JSG Professor Professor of Microbiology
Douglas, P Mrs Senior Lecturer/Clinical Dietetics Facilitator
Dowey, LC Dr Business Development Manager
Downes, Professor Emeritus Professor of Biology
Doyle, LA Miss Research Associate in Optometry and Vision Science
Drain, S Dr Research Associate in Stratified Medicine
Drennan, ER Mrs School Executive Assistant (e-Learning)
Duff, R Mr Technician - Stores
Flatt, PR Professor Professor of Biological & Biomedical Sciences
Fleming, AD Mrs Clerical Assistant
Forsythe, JT Mr Technical Co-ordinator
Gallagher, AM Professor Professor of Public Health Nutrition
Gault, VA Professor Professor of Experimental Medicine
Gibson, DS Dr Lecturer in Stratified Medicine
Gill, C Dr Senior Lecturer
Grant, Mrs Clerical Assistant e-Learning
Hayes, VEA Mrs Technical Services Co-ordinator - NICHE
Herbert, B Dr Computing Officer
Hill, AJ Dr Lecturer in Dietetics
Hughes, C Dr Research Associate in Nutrition (NICHE)
Hunt, S Mrs Clerical Assistant
Hyland, BW Dr Technical Services Co-ordinator - Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Analyses
Irwin, R Miss Research Associate in Epigenetics
Keaver, L Miss Research Assistant in Human Nutrition
Kelly, C Dr Lecturer in Stratified Medicine (Diabetes)
Kerr, M Dr Lecturer in Food Regulatory Affairs
Kirwan, LE Dr Research Associate in Bioinformatics
Lees Murdock, DJ Dr Lecturer in Molecular Cell Biology
Little, J Dr Senior Lecturer
Livingstone, MBE Professor Professor of Nutrition (Part-time)
Logue, C Mr Lecturer in Dietetics
Lowery, CJ Dr Lecturer in Medical Microbiology
Lynch, S Miss Research Associate in Cardiovascular Disease
Lyons, O Miss Research Assistant in Human Nutrition
Magee, PJ Dr Senior Lecturer
Marchant, R Professor Professor of Microbial Biotechnology
Martin, JJ Mr Laboratory Assistant
McAnena, LB Dr Scientific Officer in Nutrition
McCahon, MM Mrs School Administrative Officer
McCann, MT Dr Lecturer in Nutrition
McClean, S Dr Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences
McClean, PL Dr Lecturer in Stratified Medicine (Diabetes and Mental Health)
McClelland, JF Dr Lecturer in Optometry
McClenaghan, NH Professor Head of School of Biomedical Sciences
McClure, ME Ms Lecturer
McConnell, EL Miss Research Associate in Optometry and Vision Science
McCormack, JM Professor Associate Head of School of Biomedical Sciences
McCullough, SJ Dr Research Associate - Optometry and Vision Science
McDaid, K Mr School Administrative Co-ordinator
McDowell, A Dr Lecturer in Stratified Medicine (Oncology)
McGilligan, V Dr Lecturer in Stratified Medicine (Inflammatory Disease)
McKay, YF Mrs Clerical Assistant - E-Learning
McKenna, DJ Dr Lecturer in Haematology
McKerr, G Dr Senior Lecturer
McKevitt, AI Dr Senior Lecturer
McKillop, AM Professor Professor of Biomedical Sciences
McNulty, HM Professor Professor of Nutritional Science
McSorley, E Dr Senior Lecturer in Human Nutrition
Mitchell, CA Professor Professor of Tissue Regeneration
Mitchell, PC Mr Senior Lecturer
Moffatt, ZE Miss Clerical Assistant
Moffett, CR Dr Research Associate in Diabetes
Moore, CBT Professor Director of the Biomedical Sciences Research Institute
Mulhern, MS Dr Lecturer in Food Science
Mulholland, P Dr Lecturer in Optometry
Murray, E Dr Lecturer in Stratified Medicine (Mental Health)
Naughton, PJB Dr Senior Lecturer in Medical Microbiology
Naughton, V Dr Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences
Nesbit, MA Dr Senior Lecturer in Molecular Biology
Ng, MT Dr Research Associate in Diabetes
O'Hagan, BMG Dr Scientific Officer - BioImaging
O'Harte, FPM Professor Professor of Endocrinology & Metabolism
Owolabi, BO Mrs Research Associate in Diabetes
Owusu-Apenten, RK Dr Lecturer in Food & Nutrition
Parr, H Dr Research Assistant
Parthsarathy, V Dr Research Associate in Diabetes
Pentieva, KD Dr Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences
Plummer, B Mrs Administrative Co-ordinator - Stratified Medicine
Pourshahidi, LK Dr Research Fellow
Price, RK Dr Clinical Trials Manager
Rainey, RE Mr Technical Services Co-ordinator - Optometry
Rice, AR Mrs Clerical Assistant
Richardson, P Mr Lecturer Optometry Clinic Manager
Saunders, KJ Professor Professor of Optometry and Vision Science
Schiroli, D Mr Research Associate in Vision Research
Sechi, T Miss Technician - Stratified Medicine
Shirley, S Mrs Programme Co-ordinator PG Cert Medical Retina
Singh - Nee Nigam, P Dr Senior Lecturer in Biotechnology
Sittlington, JJ Dr Scientific Assistant - HISU
Slevin, MM Dr Research Associate in Diabetes
Strain, SJJ Professor Professor of Human Nutrition
Sweeney, M Mrs Scientific Assistant - C-TRIC
Ternan, NG Dr Senior Lecturer
Thomas, KG Mr Scientific Assistant - Cell Technologies
Thompson, DJ Mr Technician - Stores
Thompson, P Mr Technician - Optometry
Thompson, PD Dr Senior Lecturer
Thompson, JY Mrs Clerical Assistant - E-Learning
Tregear, IL Mrs Laboratory Assistant
Tripathi, L Dr Research Associate in Microbial Biotechnology
Walsh, CP Professor Professor of Genetics
Ward, M Professor Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics
Watterson, S Dr Lecturer in Computational Biology (Hypertension)
Welch, RW Prof Emeritus Professor Of Food Science And Nutrition
Wright, RR Mr Technician
Wright, L Mrs Technician - Stores
Yeates, A Dr Research Fellow in Nutritional Biochemistry
Zhang, Dr Lecturer in Stratified Medicine (Statistics/Bioinformatics)

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