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Office of the University Secretary

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Mrs Jayne Moore

Invitation to apply to join Ulster University's governing body

Office of the University Secretary

University-wide Strategies, Policies & Procedures

The Office of the University Secretary has responsibility for governance within Ulster University and has broad responsibility for ‘organisation memory’. The University establishes University-wide strategies, policies and procedures in order to support the University’s vision and core strategic aims promoting consistency, efficiency and effectiveness of operations throughout the University. The information is provided in each of the categories below provides information on the date that strategies, polices and procedures were introduced, how they were approved, details of equality screening and proposed date for review.  The Office of the University Secretary will maintain this central record which will be regularly updated. The documents will continue to be maintained on the web-pages of the originating department.

To assist you in creating and maintaining policies within the University please read the Procedures for Developing, Introducing and Reviewing University of Ulster Policies

For further information please contact:


Mr Eamon Mullan

University's Secretary

Telephone (028) 7012 4533, email: e.mullan@ulster.ac.uk


Ms Elinor Byrden

Policy Co-ordinator

Telephone (028) 7012 3354, email: e.byrden@ulster.ac.uk


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