Use of computers

Your usage of equipment and network may be subject to monitoring.

University rules and regulations draw your attention to various Acts of Parliament enshrined in UK, European or international legislation.

Minor infringements of these regulations will result in the matter being considered under the Student Disciplinary procedure. Criminal behaviours are referred to the police.

Code of Practice

The University’s Acceptable Use Code of Practice (AUCOP) gives guidance and direction on what is and what is not acceptable.

It also alerts you to behaviours and practices that are contrary to criminal or civil law – such as downloading of copyright protected materials or the accessing of material or sites that are not acceptable to the University.

Criminal behaviours – for example, hacking of user accounts or the viewing or downloading of indecent images which fall into the category ‘extreme pornography’ are reported to the police.   You will be invited to acknowledge these terms and conditions of use before being afforded access to University systems.