Leave of absence and withdrawal from a course

Deregistration is the term given to a break in study either via Leave of Absence or the Complete Withdrawal from a programme of study.

Deregistration can only take place via Self Service Banner if you have already registered as a new or returning student. If you have not registered for the current year and wish to withdraw or take a leave of absence, simply fill in a Leave of Absence or Withdrawal form in consultation with your Course Director.

If you feel you would like to deregister due to difficulties you are having with your studies or University life in general or if you need to deregister for any other reason you should initially speak to your Course Director or to Student Support .

Important steps to follow to complete Deregistration:

  1. Complete the Deregistration Form on Self Service Banner
  2. Seek advice from your Course Director and understand Financial Implications
  3. Complete a Leave of Absence or Withdrawal Form with your Course Director

The Deregistration Policy gives step by step guidance on how to complete this process can be found on the portal: http://www.ulster.ac.uk/academicservices/student/

If you are living in University accommodation, you must inform the Ulster University Residential Services of your intention to deregister.

Financial Implications regarding Deregistration

Deregistering from a programme of study may have financial implications to include payback of maintenance grant.

Please ensure you understand the tuition fee liability dates and if applicable explore financial implications with your funding body.

Fee liability dates throughout the academic year for all categories of students are detailed on University’s Tuition Fees Refund Policy which can be found at http://www.ulster.ac.uk/finance/fees.

Full Time Home/EU Undergraduate/PGCE

Deregistration Dates Fee Liability*
From first day of term until 8 January 2017 25% of the full annual fee*
From 9 January 2017 until 23 April 2017 50% of the full annual fee*
From 24 April 2017 100% of the full annual fee*

New students only with an intake year of 2016/17 form date of registration will have a 14 day right to cancel.

All Students Except for Full Time Home/EU Undergraduate/PGCE

Deregistration Dates Fee Liability*
From first day of term until 31 October No Fees
From 1 November until 28 February Semester 1 Fees only
After 28 February 100% of the full annual fee*