Community Relations

When coming to University some students choose to live within the private rented sector particularly in areas around the North West and South Belfast.

We want your time at university to be fun but we also expect our students to respect neighbours and the local community. In order to manage and address any regrettable mis-conduct; the University’s Community Relations Co-ordinator works in partnership with the Students’ Union, local residents groups, Belfast City Council and the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). The University has an information sharing protocol with the PSNI.

The University expects you to behave in a manner which does not bring discredit upon the University nor cause complaints from the public. Our Community Relations Co-ordinator will also hear complaints from students and will liaise with both students and residents to facilitate the resolution of any problems that arise.


It is important to us that our students respect local neighbours but your safety is also very important to us. Students can be vulnerable to crime and so our Community Relations Co-ordinator works closely with the PSNI and local councils on campaigns aimed at reducing crime against the person, theft and domestic burglaries.

South Belfast

The Wider University Area of South Belfast is very popular with students from all the Higher and Further Educational Institutions.

This area is closely linked with residential communities. Residents in this area sometimes complain to the University about what they view is inappropriate behaviour and intolerable noise on the part of a minority of students.


Please contact the Community Relations Co-ordinator to get more information on campaigns, complaints, procedures and events etc. at 028 90368527 / 028 90366533.