Students’ Union

The Students’ Union is a central part of university life.  As an Ulster University student you are automatically a member of the Students’ Union.  Seven student representatives, who represent your interests within and outside the University, manage the Union.

To find out about events and how to become involved with your Union, check their website:

In order to ensure effective representation the Union organises regular meetings of its members.  The Students’ Union also operates commercial services such as bar, sandwich bars and shops which offer excellent value for money.

It also has a confidential Welfare Service, advising you on all issues from course problems to personal problems.  The Union’s Student Financial Advisor is available to offer advice on a range of financial matters such as student loans, budgeting and debt .  The Union funds a wide range of clubs and societies, from the Soccer Club to the International Students Society, there is something to suit everyone.  New students can join any of the clubs or societies at the Fresher’s Fayre held during Freshers Week.

The Students’ Union encourages your active participation.  In your first couple of weeks at university, please feel welcome to call into the Students’ Union there will also be someone available to discuss Union activities on your campus.

Students’ Union Good Relations Policy

The Ulster University Students’ Union is a place for learning and engagement, where people from all backgrounds are encouraged to participate in University life.  In line with the Students’ Union Constitution the Good Relations policy aims to ensure that preference shall not be given to, or advantage withheld, from any member on grounds of religious belief, political opinion, racial group, age, marital status, sex, disability, sexual orientation or responsibility for dependants.

This Good Relations Policy aligns with the University’s Equality Scheme and includes a high level action plan which maps out how the Students’ Union will fulfil this policy commitment within the Northern Ireland context.

A full copy of the policy can be found at in the downloads section

Race Equality at Ulster

The Students’ Union supports the University in its commitment to improve the representation, progression and success of all minority ethnic students at Ulster, regardless of whether they are international or local.  The University has development a robust three year Race Equality Action Plan, within which the Students’ Union is responsible for implementing a number of actions.  We actively encourage all students to engage with this action plan and support the Students’ Union to promote race equality at Ulster.

If you would like to become involved with the University’s Race Equality task-force, please contact your Site Vice-President in the first instance.  Further information about Race Equality can be found here.