Faith and beliefs

The Christian religion is represented by Chaplains from a number of traditions which include the Church of Ireland, the Congregational Union of Ireland, and the Methodist, Presbyterian, Free Presbyterian and Roman Catholic traditions.

Chaplains from a number of other traditions are also available to all on request to the Chaplaincy office on each campus.

Prayer rooms and other facilities are available on the Coleraine, Jordanstown and Magee campuses. Details of these can be obtained from Chaplains or Provost’s Offices on individual campuses.

You are encouraged to complete the Chaplaincy Registration Form online. The information will be regarded as confidential.

When you hand in your Chaplaincy Registration Form, ask for fuller details of Chaplaincy events.


Chaplains from a variety of Christian traditions are present on campus to offer encouragement to students and staff seeking to live out their faith while at university.

Some chaplains are full-time and available on campus everyday while others are part-time.

We are interested in you, your personal development and your well-being and will provide opportunities for you to explore and deepen your faith, or discover faith through pastoral care, worship, discussion, prayer and social activities.

You will also find many opportunities to volunteer with chaplaincy both at home and overseas.

You are are encouraged to register online with the Chaplaincy so that you can be kept informed of the chaplaincy programme and events. Any information you give will be regarded as strictly confidential.

Fuller details of Chaplaincy events will be available on the chaplaincy websites and notice boards.