How we will communicate and stay in touch with you

While the University will, occasionally, write to you at your home or term-time address, most communication from us will be via email.

On first registering you are allocated a University email account. This is the only email address we will use for communication with you as we cannot guarantee delivery to other email systems.

We will use this account to communicate with you, and we ask you check your University email account frequently (at least weekly is recommended) for important communications.

As such, the University cannot accept responsibility where you do not meet an important deadline or incur other disadvantages arising from not checking your email or one of the sources listed below.

The requirement to check is set out in paragraph 3 of the General Regulations for Registered and Occasional students which states that “Students are responsible for keeping themselves acquainted with notices posted on official notice boards and through the University’ IT infrastructure, for example, the Virtual Learning Environment and the Student Portal, and by accessing their University e-mail account regularly”.