Contact with staff and other students

Ulster University has a well deserved reputation for being welcoming and friendly.  The academic staff supporting your course of study will be central to your years at Ulster. Contact with the Course/Subject Director and other academic staff can be difficult due to timetabled commitments, as they may be away teaching other courses or in the library, the lab, a meeting, another campus, or have work commitments in another country.

You will find contact details such as room, e-mail addresses and telephone extension numbers in your Course/Subject Handbook and contact details are also available on the University website. If your Course Director is not there when you phone or call don’t just go away intending to try again some other time – do leave a message that you have been trying to contact them giving a phone number or a time when you will be calling or contact them email.

If you can’t reach them by phone ask the switchboard to put you through to the School office and leave a message there or send an email.

Of course you can fully expect to make firm friendships at University.

For reasons of confidentiality and security the University cannot release details of addresses and phone numbers of individual students, but you will meet new friends quickly- many will remain friends for life.

The Course/Subject Director may be able to give you a list of names of those taking the course.