Module enrolments

Choice of Modules

Where it is compulsory for you to take a module on a particular year of a course you will be automatically enrolled for that module through the Online Enrolment process on the mandatory modules screen and it will be printed on your enrolment form.

You may choose optional modules prior to enrolment in consultation with your Course/Subject Director or Adviser of Studies. You can then enter your choice during the Online Enrolment process.

When selecting optional modules you should take particular care that you choose the correct semester, as many modules are offered in more than one semester.

The course reference number (CRN) will be different for each semester. Ensure you select the correct CRN for the semester in which you wish to study the module.


You may apply for exemptions on the basis of previous study at the appropriate level. Your application would either be for exemption from specific modules on a subject for subject basis or exemption from a number of credit points at specific levels.

Exemptions must be agreed in conjunction with the Course/Subject Director or Adviser of Studies. Full-time students must maintain a full-time study load.

It is necessary to complete a form for the Notification of Approved Module and/or General Credit Exemption. It is the responsibility of the student to return this form to either the Student Services Centre on the Belfast campus or the Registry Office on other campuses.

Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL)

If you believe that you have met the intended learning outcomes of a module through your previous experience, but do not have a certificate or qualification to prove this, you may, in some cases, be able to claim exemption by submitting a portfolio of evidence, as an alternative to attending classes and undertaking set assessment.

You will receive guidance from a member of staff who acts as an APEL adviser. The format of the submission is agreed with the APEL adviser. Consult your Course/Subject Director or Adviser of Studies.

Changing Modules

You are allowed to replace or drop optional modules provided that your course regulations permit the replacement module and your study load remains appropriate.  You must notify the Registry Office on a Module Amendment Form signed by your Course/Subject Director or Adviser of Studies within the first two weeks in semester one (for semester one modules) or the first three weeks in semester two (for semester two modules).

You may obtain a Module Amendment Form from your Faculty Office, Registry Office or from your Course/Subject Director or Adviser of Studies.

Remember it is your responsibility to complete the form, obtain the signature of your Course/Subject Director and leave the form in the Registry Office by the deadline.

Profile of Enrolment

During October, a profile of the data held on your computer record will be available for viewing on the University Web page. This includes the modules for which you have been enrolled.

It is your responsibility to check it carefully and notify the Registry Office of any errors or omissions by 31 October.

Consequences of Failure to Notify Registry of Amendments, Errors or Omissions

The Registry Office will not make any additions to the modules on which you are enrolled after the first two weeks in semester one or to any second semester modules after the end of the second week of the second semester.

You may still drop modules after that date but you cannot add modules. Full-time students who drop modules will become part-time which may affect their financial support entitlement.

If you are a part-time student you should note that you will not obtain a refund for modules which you drop, unless you notify the Registry Office within two weeks of the start of the semester.

The consequence of not informing the Registry Office of missing or additional modules by the deadlines is that you will not be able to sit examinations or get credit in the current academic year.

You can still attend classes but you will be required to re-enrol in the next academic year if you want credit for the module. If you are a part-time student you will have to pay for the modules again, even if you failed to claim a refund within the time permitted.

If you are enrolled in the wrong semester for a module which is offered in two semesters you may get credit for the module provided your Course/Subject Director and modules co-ordinator are prepared to make special arrangements for any examination required and for recording your marks.