Publication of results

Awaiting examination results can be both an exciting and anxious time. Decisions of Boards of Examiners are published through the Portal and are normally available within two working days of the meeting of each Board.

Coursework and examination marks are also published through the Portal by a set deadline following each examination period.

Go to Student Portal, My Studies tab and Examination Services channel.

Schedules for the publication of Boards of Examiners decisions and marks will be available at the same location.

It is your responsibility to find out your results. Results will not be given over the telephone. Results are withheld where a decision of a Board of Examiners is pending or confirmation of award is awaited from the external examiner(s).

The consequences of failure are set out in the regulations for your course.  If you are unsuccessful it is your responsibility to ensure that your Course/Subject Director provides you with a written record of the decision made by the Board of Examiners on your academic progress.