Procedures & regulations

Information on some of the University's  policies and regulations for your guidance.

Academic calendar

Full details and key dates in the academic year

Change of course

Find out more about where to seek advice and what financial help you are entitled to

Contractual Relationship with Students

Regulation, codes and rules

Course approval, monitoring and review

How the university maintains and improves the standard of courses

Course Organisation and Management

Find out more about staff and student roles on courses

Modular Course Structure; Qualifications and Credit Framework

Information on qualifications, credit points and regulations

Module coding structure

Module coding made clear

Module enrolments

Information on exemptions, optional modules and deadlines for changing modules


A break down of semesters

Absence from examinations

Who to notify if you are absent from an examination

Academic Progress

An overview of how academic progress is achieved

Appeals against academic decisions

Information on what you can appeal against and how to appeal

Assessment in coursework and examinations

Submissions, marks and feedback

Cheating and plagiarism

Policies and procedures surrounding cheating and plagiarism

Exams overview

Includes information on timetables and conduct

Extenuating circumstances

Information on the process of informing the university of extenuating circumstances


Find out more about how we recognise academic excellence and achievement

Publication of results

Find out more about when results are published and how to gain access to them

Repeating without attendance

Who to contact and how to repeat without attendance


Students who have successfully completed their course and obtained an award will receive a statement of academic record containing a breakdown of the modules taken and results achieved.