How to enrol for new and returning students

Please ensure that you have the necessary documentation with you at the time of your enrolment.

Check the date, time and location of your enrolment; (you should receive this information separately from this booklet).

All new students with the exception of fully online students should attend an enrolment session.

If you have a disability and have problems undertaking enrolment as outlined in the following procedures, alternative methods are available on request.

New students

 New students Registration and Enrolment Guide

Student ID cards

On successful completion of enrolment you will be issued with a student ID card.

Your ID registration number along with your PIN number (the PIN number will automatically be set to your date of birth – ddmmyy in the first instance) are required to gain access to your personal University record.

Your personal details along with the course and modules of study and exam and coursework marks may be accessed.

There is a £10 charge for the re-issue of a student ID card.

Returning students

Returning Students

Step by step guide

Online Enrolment Step by Step Guide

Completing enrolment

Should you have any queries regarding your fees during online enrolment, a member of staff from the Finance Department will be available to assist you. Following successful completion of online enrolment, you will proceed to a main hall where Registry Staff will finalise your registration.

You will then be issued with your Student ID Card.

You should access your record to check that your information is correct and up-to-date, for example if you change modules or address. You will also need to access your record to find your examination timetable and your marks.

You must check your record within the first two weeks of term and notify your campus Registry Office immediately if any corrections/amendments are required.