Find out the student obligations, pre-enrolment checklist, and other information on enrolment

1. Student obligations

We are delighted that you are studying with us at Ulster University. To make sure everything goes smoothly, please read all of the enrolment information below.

You are responsible for enrolling online each academic year via the Student Portal (go to My Studies tab and then to the Registration & Enrolment channel) or directly on the online enrolment pages.

The following points should be noted:

  • enrolment forms must be signed by an appropriate academic or administrator;
  • in signing the enrolment form you agree to abide by all University rules and regulations;
  • temporary enrolment for up to three months may be granted if you are a full-time student and cannot fulfil all conditions at the time of enrolment;
  • enrolment may be cancelled by Senate if you fail to keep to the University rules and regulations;
  • you must enrol at the beginning of each year of your course;
  • if you are in debt to the University you cannot enrol until the debt is cleared;
  • if you are on leave of absence you do not need to enrol during the period of leave but must enrol when you return to the University;
  • if you are on a sabbatical year you do not need to re-enrol. However, you are still considered to be a registered student during this period.

You are responsible for:

  • notifying any changes to your personal details including change of name and course details to the Registry Office on your campus or Student Services centre on the Belfast campus immediately (you can update your address details on your portal);
  • keeping yourself acquainted with notices on official notice boards and through the University’s IT infrastructure, VLE, the Student Portal and by accessing your university e-mail account regularly;
  • keeping in regular contact with your Studies Adviser.


You must:

  • attend the University for the full academic year;
  • attend classes punctually and regularly;
  • notify immediately your Course/Subject Director or Research Supervisor if you have been absent without permission for more than three days through illness or other cause and, where the absence is due to illness and is for a period of more than five working days, supply a medical certificate. If you wish to give notification of absence you should login to Banner Student Self Service and complete and submit the online NA1 form, which can be found in the Personal Information section. This should be done by the fifth working day of absence.

2. Conditions of Enrolment

In enrolling as a student you accept the following eight conditions:

  1. that you have checked and, where necessary, amended and updated your data accurately and fully;
  2. that the University may process your data in accordance with the Data Protection Act;
  3. that you agree to abide by the Statutes, Ordinances, Regulations and Rules of the University for the time being in force, including the University’s acceptable computer use policy;
  4. that you grant consent to the submission of your work to electronic systems for the detection of plagiarism;
  5. that you are, ultimately, liable personally for the payment of tuition fees unpaid by sponsors.
  6. that you agree to abide by the tuition fee refund policy and tuition fee payment policy of the University;
  7. that you are aware of the Deregistration Policy should you wish to withdraw or take a leave of absence
  8. that you understand where to access information on your Rights, Obligations and Complaints

At Online enrolment, you will be issued with a University email account. The University will use this to communicate with you and you are expected to check your University email account regularly and frequently (at least weekly) for important correspondence.

You are also expected to use the Student Portal to obtain information relating to registration and enrolment, examinations (including timetables, decisions of boards of examiners and examination marks) and graduation. The University does not accept responsibility for any consequences arising from failure to check your email account.

3. Pre-enrolment Checklist

New students only.

All new students are required to Register on the campus where their programme is taught.

You will require the following documentation:

  • The completed enrolment form, stamped by the Faculty;
  • Payment for fees (where appropriate); or acceptable evidence that fees will be paid by an education authority or sponsor;
  • The required number of passport size colour photographs;
  • Your birth certificate, passport or driving licence; and
  • Documentary evidence (original copies and not photocopies) of all examinations taken from GCSE level (or equivalent) onwards. (If you have been accepted through the UCAS admissions system on the basis of GCE ‘A’ levels this documentation does not need to be provided).

Normally if you are enrolling on a postgraduate course, you will only be required to produce evidence relating to your primary degree (unless otherwise specifically requested by the University).

Induction Meetings

Full-time students (except Research and fully online students) are expected to attend their campus induction meeting. These will take place on each of the following campuses and you will be advised of your course induction details by a member of Faculty staff:

  • Belfast
  • Coleraine
  • Jordanstown
  • Magee

Part-time students and research students (both full-time and part-time) will be informed by their Faculty or by the Research Office of the dates, time and location of induction meetings.

Completion of Enrolment Form

Some details may have been completed before you receive the form.  Please check that the pre-printed details are correct and make any necessary amendments.

Personal Information

Surname and forename details should be printed in full exactly as they appear on your birth certificate and/or passport/driving licence. These names will be used for your graduation parchment on successful completion of your course and subsequent award.

Please state your full term-time address.  If you do not know your term-time address at the time of registration please complete your term address once known on your portal and notify your Faculty Office of your address as soon as it is known. If you are an overseas students, you must provide a term-time address for the purposes of correspondence.

Programme Information

Please check the full title of your programme and your campus location to ensure they are correct.

In addition to enrolling on a specific programme, you will also enrol on modules:

  1. Full-time undergraduate students normally take modules totalling 120 credit points each year. Commonly there are three 20 point modules in the Autumn and three in the Spring Semester, but modules may have any value in multiples of five points and may be spread across two semesters.
  2. The number of modules for postgraduate and part-time students varies according to the course being undertaken.
  3. Where modules are compulsory these are pre-printed on the front of your enrolment form.  Optional modules for the full academic year must be selected by you in consultation with your Course/Subject Director or Studies Adviser at the enrolment sessions held at the start of the academic year. Optional modules are recorded below the compulsory modules and can be continued on the back of the enrolment form. You should keep a record of those modules for which you have enrolled.
  4. You are permitted after enrolment to change optional modules provided you complete a module amendment form, obtain a signature from your Course/Subject Director or Studies Adviser to indicate approval and submit the form to a Registry Office to make the approved changes not later than the end of the second week of Semester one (for Semester one modules) and within the first two weeks in Semester two (for Semester two modules).

You should not sign your enrolment form until the time of enrolment when you will be asked to do so in the presence of the Enrolment Officer.

The signing of the enrolment form also includes the following declaration:

“I undertake as a student of the University to comply with the Charter, Statutes, Ordinances, Regulations and Rules of the University as are from time to time in force.”

“I consent to the University processing information about me, including my Student ID Photograph, for administrative purposes, but only insofar as it is permitted to do so within the constraints imposed by the Data Protection Act 1998.  In particular, I understand that the University may continue to use this information after I cease to be a student of the University. The information which I have provided is complete and accurate.”

Once you have checked and amended the details on your pre-printed enrolment form, meet with your Course Director/Studies Adviser and meet with the Faculty administrative staff you will then proceed to the library to complete online enrolment.


You will need one passport-size colour photograph for the Faculty Office at enrolment. You should write your name and address on the back of this photograph.

In addition you may wish to bring additional photographs for the following purposes:

  • Residential Accommodation on campus – three
  • Chaplains – three
  • Students’ Union – one

4. How to enrol for new and returning students

Please ensure that you have the necessary documentation with you at the time of your enrolment.

Check the date, time and location of your enrolment; (you should receive this information separately from this booklet).

All new students with the exception of fully online students should attend an enrolment session.

If you have a disability and have problems undertaking enrolment as outlined in the following procedures, alternative methods are available on request.

New students

 New students Registration and Enrolment Guide

Student ID cards

On successful completion of enrolment you will be issued with a student ID card.

Your ID registration number along with your PIN number (the PIN number will automatically be set to your date of birth – ddmmyy in the first instance) are required to gain access to your personal University record.

Your personal details along with the course and modules of study and exam and coursework marks may be accessed.

There is a £10 charge for the re-issue of a student ID card.

Returning students

Returning Students

Step by step guide

Online Enrolment Step by Step Guide

Completing enrolment

Should you have any queries regarding your fees during online enrolment, a member of staff from the Finance Department will be available to assist you. Following successful completion of online enrolment, you will proceed to a main hall where Registry Staff will finalise your registration.

You will then be issued with your Student ID Card.

You should access your record to check that your information is correct and up-to-date, for example if you change modules or address. You will also need to access your record to find your examination timetable and your marks.

You must check your record within the first two weeks of term and notify your campus Registry Office immediately if any corrections/amendments are required.