Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

We provide a Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) to currently enrolled students and graduates – a record of academic and extra-curricular achievements to supplement the traditional degree award.

The HEAR is a digital document that allows you to showcase your achievements to employers or postgraduate tutors, thereby potentially enhancing your employability or opportunities for further study.  It also enables you to review your progress and plan future activities during your time at university.

The report is developed from the point of entry to university and remains accessible to graduates throughout their working life. It can be shared electronically with an authorised third party.

What’s included

The HEAR includes modules taken, results obtained and qualification.  It also provides information about the qualification and requirements for obtaining the award.

There is a section for additional information where activities that students have completed outside the academic curriculum can be included.

These must be activities recognised by the University as representing real achievement.

They include the EDGE Award, Tutoring in Schools and successfully completed PPD modules.

Approved activities for the HEAR

Before you start

To be eligible for the HEAR you must be a student or graduate of Ulster University who enrolled on a full-time undergraduate degree programme, or integrated Master’s degree, on a main campus. Your year of entry must be 2011/12 at least.

How to access your HEAR

Ulster University HEARs are provided by Gradintelligence.  Go to FAQs for information on how to access your HEAR.


View frequently asked questions.


If you have any questions about the HEAR please email HEAR@ulster.ac.uk