Welcome to the website of the Graduate School of Professional Legal Education.

The Graduate School was established in 2008

• It is the sole provider of professional legal education in the north-west and only the second provider in Northern Ireland for trainees wishing to obtain the Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice which will enable them to qualify as solicitors.

• It has a team of experienced legal professionals, both solicitors and barristers, delivers the core subjects of the course.

• Leading practitioners from the north-west and across Northern Ireland also assist to give the trainees the benefit of their professional experience.

• The School works closely with the Law Society to ensure that the course meets the requirements of the legal profession.

• We provide a professional education for the professional lives our trainees will lead.

• The focus of the course is on equipping students with the necessary practical skills to discharge their professional functions as solicitors including negotiation, advocacy, and drafting legal documents.

• We seek to create an interactive and innovative learning environment and will expect our trainees to make a major contribution to that process.

• We have our own dedicated space in the Magee campus which enables us to provide an enjoyable learning environment for the solicitor trainees and for our staff.

The Graduate School will be permanently closed from the 6th July 2016 and will therefore no longer be accepting trainees onto the Course.