Inside University of Ulster's Belfast Campus

Our vision for the Greater Belfast Development is to promote a creative, innovative, transformative and vibrant environment that will stimulate, inspire and add value to our core activities of teaching and learning, and research and innovation.

The vision will be realised through the achievement of the following objectives:

  • to provide quality learning opportunities with the flexibility to adapt to the changing higher education and external environments
  • to embrace emergent technologies to facilitate and complement teaching and learning practices and pedagogies
  • to promote excellence and best international practice across a range of research and innovation activities
  • to present a conducive environment to promote further cross-disciplinary working and innovative solutions to contemporary issues in society, science and the environment
  • to offer a vibrant, outward-looking campus which will foster economic regeneration and which will build on the University’s position as a sector leader in widening access
  • to capitalise upon our location in Belfast and to work with a range of partners in leveraging creativity and innovation across our teaching and learning and research and innovation activities.
  • to provide an environment which encourages collaborative development of economically-important skills, knowledge and intellectual capital
  • to be a model of opportunity and innovation in a changing world that will stimulate economic, social and cultural opportunities in Northern Ireland and beyond.