Special Olympics Centre Honour

Ulster was chosen as the Europe/Eurasia region research centre for the 2011 Special Olympics in Athens – one of only three official research collaborating centres.

The collaborating centre at Ulster, under the directorship of Dr David Hassan and Professor Roy McConkey, took its place alongside the University of Illinois as a regional research institute and the University of Boston/Massachusetts as a Global Research Collaborating Centre for Special Olympics International. The new centre is located in the Sport and Exercise Sciences Research Institute.

Over the last two years, Ulster researchers have secured over $300,000 in research funding from the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention to undertake work with athletes with intellectual disabilities aligned to Special Olympics.

Speaking at the time of the announcement, Professor McConkey said: “As a world-wide movement, the Special Olympics works for the social inclusion through sport of people with intellectual disabilities. It is a great honour for Ulster to join with this endeavour and we look forward to forging links throughout continental Europe”.