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Coppin House

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Coppin House is adjacent to the Magee Campus and fronts the Strand Road, one of Derry’s main thoroughfares. This makes it instantly accessible for local shops and entertainment centres.

It contains 72 study bedrooms on five floors, with shared communal facilities. A common room is available on each floor with a TV and DVD player. Each study bedroom has a  broadband connection  for educational use through the University network, included within  the rent. The building is serviced by a lift, has access control and is monitored by CCTV. Residental Assistants are available as points of contact.

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The development is an excellent location with spacious bedrooms at a reasonable cost and is ideal for students wishing to live a more independent lifestyle in a city centre location.

Summary of Features Available COPPIN HOUSE
72 Bedspace Building Mobility Unit Family Apartment
No Rooms 71 1 1
Ensuite X X X
Family/Couples X X
Mobility Rooms X X
Weekly Price Range £ From 71 71 137
Heating Included
Electricity Included
Telephone Socket X X X
Internet Included
Television X X
Washing Machine
Security/Night Support
Door Entry System
Common Room
Payphone Close by X X X
CCTV Monitoring
Laundrette Handy
Cleaning Service X
Vending Machines X X X
Car Parking *
Resident Assistants