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Examination Timetable (Final)

Semester 2 Examinations: May 2018

Students are advised to check the Final Examination Timetable as amendments have been made to the Provisional Tiemtable.

Personal Examination Timetable

Your Personal Examination Timetable will be available on the portal only from 12 noon on Tuesday 17 April 2018.  You are required to print your Personal Examination Timetable and bring a copy to each of your examinations along with your student ID card.

 Please note:

 Mobile phones, smart watches, similar electronic devices, unauthorised calculators or unauthorised notes are not permitted in examination rooms.  If, during the examination, you are found to have on or about your person such devices, or any other unauthorised material, whether or not you use them, your examination will be declared void, you will be required to leave the examination room immediately and a mark of 0 will be awarded.


Examination Period                                                                        Timetable Publication Date

Semester 1 
08/01/18 - 20/01/18

Provisional examination timetable available from Tuesday 28 November 2017
Final timetable available from Wednesday 6 December 2017

Personal timetables available from Monday 11 December 2017

Semester 2
14/05/18 - 29/05/18

Provisional examination timetable available from Tuesday 27 March 2018
Final timetable available from Thursday 12 April 2018

Personal timetables available from Tuesday 17 April 2018

15/08/18 - 23/08/18

Final timetable available from Tuesday 17 July 2018

Personal timetables available from Thursday 19 July 2018

Semester 3
03/09/18 - 07/09/18

Final timetable available from Monday 30 July 2018

Personal timetables available from Wednesday 1 August 2018

Principles which govern the creation of the examinations timetable

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