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Publication of Examination Boards Decisions (Progress Committees for Semester One)

Important Notes

i)     Decisions on academic progress will be released to students in the Portal only.

ii)    You should contact your Course/Subject Director if you are unsure when the Board of Examiners/Progress Committee for your course is to be held.

iii)   Decisions for students studying at QAHE are released at various points in the year. If your decision is not available please contact your campus of study. 

Semester One

Student academic performance in Semester One is normally considered by Progress Committees. The majority of students proceed automatically from Semester One to Semester Two with no academic progress decision recorded. However, Progress Committees will make decisions on students who:  

         have extenuating circumstances and are permitted a first sit/first sit of a resit in examinations or coursework later in the academic year; or


         have repeated work from the previous year and failed at the final attempt and are consequently required to withdraw from the programme.  

For a small number of programmes a Board of Examiners will be held at the end of Semester One to consider recommendations for awards for students who have completed their programme, to progress students to the next year of the programme or to consider progress on pre-registration Nursing programmes.

Part time students who complete their course at the end of Semester One should note that the Board of Examiners may not be held until the Semester Two assessment period (May/June).

Decisions on academic progress for Semester One assessment will be published in the Portal within two working days of the decision being lodged in the Examinations Office.  You are advised to check the Portal on a regular basis from the fourth week in January to check if a decision has been made on your academic progress.  

Other Assessment Periods

For other assessment periods (including August first sits/resits) decisions will normally be published within two working days of each Board of Examiners.  A schedule for the publication of Board of Examiner decisions will be posted at the appropriate campus link below during the first week of each examination period.  If the decision is not published by the set date you are advised to contact your Course/Subject Director. 

Click on the appropriate link below to find out the dates when decisions of Boards of Examiners will be available. 

DECISIONS WILL BE AVAILABLE FROM 6.30PM ON THE PUBLISHED DATE subject to External Examiner approval.

The schedule for publication of marks is available here.


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