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Sam Norris : in charge of the Examinations Office, Coleraine

Bronagh Dunleavy : in charge of the Examinations Office, Jordanstown

The Examinations Offices undertake the full range of administrative duties associated with examinations, including preparation of timetables, invigilation schedules, collation and printing of examination papers, issue of examination cards, issue of course results sheets, recording of progress decisions, publication of pass lists, communication of results, student progress reviews, issue of profiles of marks and transcripts and notification of student performance to bodies responsible for financial support.

The Examinations Offices have an important role in advising faculties on regulations and procedures relating to examinations and student progress.

The Examinations Offices administer the external examiner system, including the issue of the letter of appointment and receipt and distribution of reports (travel arrangements for, and payment of fees to, external examiners are, however, the responsibility of the faculties).

The Examinations Office at Jordanstown undertakes a range of administrative duties in relation to collaborative course provision at recognised institutions including issue of course results sheets, recording of progress decisions, issue of parchments and Edexcel transcripts.

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