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Returning Students

Online Enrolment for the 2017/2018 Academic Year  

If you are returning to the University in September 2017 to continue your studies you are not required to attend a formal enrolment session at the University and may enrol online from outside the University, for example from home or work.  If you are undertaking a sandwich placement or intercalary year you must also enrol online.

All returning students are required to enrol online by accessing the online enrolment system on the web. This will allow you to view and amend the personal information, confirm course and modules details for the 2017/2018 academic year and organise fee payment.

Students should read the OLE Step by Step User Guide before attempting to enrol.

The facility to re-enrol online will be available from 9.00am on Wednesday 6 September 2017. Students will be able to access it in one of two ways:

1. Log in to online enrolment through the Student Portal (go to My Studies tab and then to the Registration & Enrolment channel). Students can login to the Portal at: http://portal.ulster.ac.uk/  To log into the Portal, students will need their student ID number (it begins with B00 ) and their network password.

2. Go the following URL to log in directly to online enrolment http://ole.ulster.ac.uk  Students will  need their Student ID number and their PIN (the ID number begins with a B00 and the PIN is a six digit number, originally set to their date of birth.)

In order to commence online enrolment, all outstanding tuition fees must be paid in full.  Until payment has been received in full and processed, students will not be permitted access to the online enrolment system.  If they have outstanding fees owing they should arrange for these to be paid immediately by sending a cheque made payable to the University of Ulster and addressed to the Income Accountant, University of Ulster, Cromore Road, Coleraine, Co Londonderry BT52 1SA.  Students may also pay by cash, cheque or credit card in person at the cashiers' office on their campus.

If students have any queries, please contact the fees office by telephone on +44(0) 2870 32 4252 or by fax on +44 (0) 2870 32 3255 or alternatively they can e-mail fees@ulster.ac.uk

Students should also check the Tuition Fees Payment Policy for 2017/18 before trying to enrol to ensure that they can meet the requirements for 2017/18 academic year as there are changes from last year.

The policy can be found at http://www.ulster.ac.uk/finance/fees

Students should complete their online enrolment before the start of the 2017/18 academic year. If they cannot use a PC with web access outside the university, then they may come into the university before the start of the academic year and use one here.

Students should remember that they will not be able to receive their student loan or access learning materials on Blackboard Learn until they have completed online enrolment.

If students feel that they will require advice from their Course Director/Studies Adviser on their choice of modules for next year, then they should contact them before enrolling. Details of all the modules available can be found on the web at


Students who did not progress normally in May/June 2017 and who have to resit examinations or to resubmit coursework will not be able to take part in online enrolment until their academic progress has been confirmed and their record updated to reflect this. Students who were on placement cannot enrol online until their progress for 2016/17 has been approved by a Board of Examiners.

Those students who are currently in the final year of their course and expect to complete your studies in September/October 2017, then it is not necessary for them to re-enrol and they should ignore these instructions.

Online Enrolment Helpline

If students are unable to access the online enrolment page through their web browser, have a query about their Student ID or PIN Number, or have difficulty completing the online enrolment screens, then a helpline service will be available from 6 September 2017 onwards:

+44 028 7012 3450 available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 4pm on Friday

or email the appropriate Registry Office as follows:

Coleraine: registryce@ulster.ac.uk

Jordanstown: registryjn@ulster.ac.uk

Magee: registrymg@ulster.ac.uk

Belfast: m.chatterley@ulster.ac.uk

If students have forgotten their network password, then they can find it out in one of two ways.

If students are on campus, there are dedicated PCs, known as Password Kiosks, that are normally located close to the Information Points within the LRC’s.  Students will need their Student ID Number and PIN to login to the Password Kiosk.

Once in, students should select the option to obtain their initial network password.

If a student is off-campus (i.e. at home or work ) the information is available from the View Personal Information page within the Banner Self Service system. Again, they will need to log in with their Student ID and PIN and then select the appropriate option.

If students have problems with fees they should contact the Fees Office as follows:

Telephone:        +44 (0) 28 7012 4252

E-mail:              fees@ulster.ac.uk




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