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Course and Module Monitoring

CV Template


External Examiners


Module Description

Programme Approval & Revision / Curriculum Management System (CMS)

Programme Specification

Qualifications & Credit Framework

Recognised Teachers

Coursework Submission Sheet

Record of Plagiarism Offence


Assessment Handbook 

Course and Module Monitoring

Information available from Quality Management and Audit Unit

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae Template


Aide-Memoire for Evaluation and Revalidation

Aide Memoire for Evaluation and Revalidation (Partner Institutions)

Aide-Memoire - Supplement for Foundation Degrees

Assessment Schedule

Extend Course Approval and Postpone Revalidation Process and Flow Chart

Extend Course Approval and Postpone Revalidation (CA6b Form)

Information for Students (Revalidation) (Internal)

Information for Students (Revalidation) (Partner Institutions)

Inspection of Physical Resources Form (CA8a Form)

IT Resources Assessment Form - Partner Institutions  (CA10B Form)

Library Resources Assessment Form - Partner Institution (CA10A Form)

Preliminary Comments Form: Course Evaluation/Course Revalidation (CA7 Form)   

Preliminary Comments Form: Subject Partnership Manager (CA4 Form)

Report on Meeting with Students (CA8b Form)

Revalidation Preparation Form (CA6a Form)

Sample Outline of Evaluation/Revalidation Submission (Internal Provision)

Sample Outline of Evaluation/Revalidation Submission (Partner Institutions)

External Examiners

Nomination Form (Course/Subject)

Nomination Form (Chief)

Report Form (Course/Subject)

Report Form (Chief)

Report Form (Subject Network)

External Examiners' Handbook

Code of Practice for External Examining of Taught Programmes of Study


Programme Approval, Management and Review Handbook

Partnership Handbook          Appendix 5

Handbook for Members of University Evaluation Panels

Handbook for Members of University Revalidation Panels

Handbook for Members of Evaluation Panels in Partner Institutions

Handbook for Members of Revalidation Panels in Partner Institutions

Course Handbook Template for Taught Courses

Module Description

Module Description Template

Generic DIAS Module Description Template

Programme Approval and Revision (CMS forms to be used for internal/franchised provision)

Course Proposal Form (Internal) (CA1 (CMS) Form)

Course Proposal Supplement (Checklist and guidance notes for external supporting statements for new courses for which the Faculty seeks approval without consideration by a University evaluation panel (CA1 Supplement)

Course Proposal Form (External) (CA2 Form)

Course Proposal Form (Franchised) (CA2a (CMS) Form)

Course Revision Form (Internal) (CA3 (CMS) Form)     

Course Revision Form (External) (CA3 Form)

Course Suspension Form (External only) (CA5b Form)

Course Withdrawal Form (Internal) (CA5 (CMS) Form)    

Course Withdrawal Form (External) (CA5 Form)

Credit-Bearing Short Course Proposal Form (CA9 (CMS) Form)

Digital Learning Resource Agreement   

Module Student Load Amendment Form  (CA3 Supplement)          

Programme Specification 

Programme Specification Template

Programme Specification Template - Access

University of Ulster Qualifications and Credit Framework

Qualifications and Credit Framework

Summary Table

Framework for Higher Education Qualifications, UK Quality Code for Higher Education: Part A    [QAA]

 Generic Credit Level Descriptors

Recognised Teachers

Recognised Teachers Nomination Form

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